Mischaela Elkins is an Indigenous Supermodel, Self-Help Author, and Wellness Mogul who was crowned Ms. Universe 2021, as Miss Peru.

She's the Founder of luxury wellness brand MONARCH SOCIETY and author of self-help tomes: Breathwork at Tiffany's, Workin For A Birkin, and Red Bottoms & Rose Quartz. MONARCH SOCIETY (the blog, the podcast, the brand) is a luxury wellness media company centered around healing and personal evolution through engaging, modern content with a high end look and feel. Comprised of 3 self-help books and their accompanying Masterclasses, the curriculum centers around healing one's inner world to master self-love, gain a wealth & abundance mindset, and engage in only high vibe love, dating, and romance.

Described as "couture self-help", Mischaela's words of wisdom and guidance help women and femmes live a 5 star life by balancing their inner masculine and feminine energies and heal wounds + address fears that have created self-sabotaging and self-limiting patterns. An Achology certified Master life coach, with 4,300+ students globally - her impact through Masterclasses alone reaches 98+ countries.

Broadening the scope and impact of her reach, she is the CEO of Monarch & Cygnet Holdings Corp., a portfolio company focused on media, luxury hospitality & tourism, and real estate holdings and investments through the wellness, spirituality, and environmentalism lens. Through MONARCH SOCIETY and the Monarch & Cygnet corporation, Mischaela seeks to realize her ideal reality - one in which people book spiritual and holistic wellness treatments and pursue healing as often as they book a mani-pedi...


Modeling Opened Up My World






Once a Miss, Always a Miss

My Journey As a Miss and a World Titleholder

among the most beautiful women in the universe






Wellness is a daily luxury.

One of my core beliefs is that holistic wellness and spiritual healing work and treatments should be undertaken with the same commitment we have to mani-pedis!

I feel that our society is more focused on superficial, outward perfection than on inner resilience, healing, and self-mastery. As an international cover & runway model, world beauty pageant titleholder, Harvard student, MBA candidate, and later businesswoman...I've mastered the balance.

I'm passionate about creating a world where healing & balance within is viewed as a daily luxury. Which is why I've dedicated my life to creating wellness experiences that feel like luxury - for everyone.

From self-help wellness media to business & real estate ventures in the Wellness category...I have committed myself to my mantra "wellness is a daily luxury."

I created a global community.

I founded MONARCH SOCIETY to share what I've learned through a high-end social club style self-help curriculum with a luxury feel. I knew my learnings were universal for all women/femmes and I wanted to create a global community of "monarchs" who heal themselves and then heal the world.

I started with myself.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was my self-help empire. I started with healing myself and sharing my learnings in a series of books centered around outer self, inner self, wealth & abundance, and love, romance, & dating. As a life path 3, The Communicator, I knew I was on to something. It starts within and then it flows and grows outward...

I deepened my investment.

Through the creation of the corporate entity Monarch & Cygnet Holdings I have deepened my investment. A vehicle for wellness investments in the form of wellness centered media, commerce, and real estate- it stands to make an impact in the +$4 trillion Wellness industry. I will live my mantra, "Wellness is a daily luxury." and build the type of world I want to live in.